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Center for Sport and Wellness
in Schladming-Dachstein

The joy of motion – that's our mission at Sportsarea Grimming. With outstanding training opportunities for fans of outdoor recreation, for amateurs & pros – with a special focus on ball sports, martial arts as well as the hottest new sports.

Welcome to Sportsarea Grimming!

Our wellness, training & alpine flight center in Nieder­­öblarn is an absolute oasis for body, mind and soul in the Schladming-Dachstein sports region.

Thanks to Sportsarea Grimming, your adventures can begin! Located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe, you will be able to embrace life to the full. Get to know us on the following pages!


Here's what makes us so different

Sports Center Sportsarea Grimming

Sports Center

Our sports center in Nieder­öblarn offers you countless sports, courses & possibilities that are certain to appeal to absolutely everyone.

Our airfield LOGO


Something we are famous for: Make your dream of flying come true! Gliding, glider aerobatics, powered gliders, motorized flight, ...

Rooms at Sportsarea Grimming


Our hotel, located right next to the airfield & sports center, features 45 rooms that accommodate as many as 127 people.

Wellness in our beautiful feel-good area


After all of that sporting activity, you have earned the right to enjoy pure relaxation! Sauna, steam bath, infrared, massages, ...

sportsarea Grimming - a business operated by
Sportunion Österreich

Fantastic sporting variety in the heart of Austria

Aviation, ball sports, martial arts and the hottest new sports including wellness – click through everything we have to offer!


I am ...


a teacher

planning a week away with my school class.


a trainer

planning a training week for our club.

Sports enthusiast

a sports fan

planning my sporting holiday in the mountains.


an aviator

planning a flying or gliding vacation in the Alps.


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