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General Information - Airfield in Niederöblarn

Hours of operation at the airfield in Niederöblarn

Hours of Operation for Airfield LOGO Niederöblarn

Local Time

Always PPR, Operations Manager Tel.: +43 664 606 133 52

The following times are useful as a point of reference:
January & February: 8 AM to 5 PM
March to September: 8 AM – ECET or 9 PM
October: 8 AM to 6 PM
November & December: 8 AM to 4 PM

Please be aware of our lunch break:
01 March to 31 October (CEST), from 1 PM to 2 PM local time no takeoffs are possible!
(also no TOUCH & GO´s | Landing possible at any time!)

Airfield LOGO Niederöblarn

General Data

  • N 47 28.7
  • E 017 00.5
  • Elevation: 2,140 ft, 653 m
  • Frequency: 122.705 MHz
  • Runways: 04 and 22; 2 t AUW
  • Runway length: 730 m
  • Runway width: 30 m

Important: In a NW wind, strong turbulence, downdrafts and gusty crosswinds are likely during take-off and landing!!

Flight information Gesäuse National Park

Contact and information for pilots, airfield in Niederöblarn


Phone Numbers


  • LOGO: 122.705 MHz
  • Vienna Information: 124.400 MHz
  • LOXA (Aigen tower - MATZ clearance): 118.000 MHz
  • LOXA - gliders: 130.000 MHz
  • LOGI (motorized): 122.500 MHz
Points of contact at LOGO Niederöblarn

Contact Persons

Tibor Schmidt

Flight Operations Director for the Alpine Flight School, instructor for motorized and glider aviation, powered-glider mechanic.
Point of contact for PPL, glider and glider-aerobatics training

Albert Seebacher

Deputy Flight Operations Director for the Alpine Flight School, instructor for motorized and glider aviation, Class 1 aircraft mechanic.

Point of contact for PPL training, aircraft- and banner-towing

Self-Briefing Room

The Self-Briefing Room is located next to the office of the Flight Operations Director on the 1st floor. The computer incl. Internet are for aviation purposes, with a printer also available. Misuse of facilities at the Niederöblarn Airfield are documented and penalized!


As needed and subject to space availability, pursuant to consultation with the Operations Director aircraft may be parked in the hangar at Airfield LOGO.

The current hangar usage agreement is a component of the airfield regulations and may be consulted at any time.  Please note that, by parking your aircraft in the hangar, you automatically indicate your acceptance of the hangar usage agreement.

Copies of the airfield regulations may be found in the runway bus, in the self-briefing room as well as in the office of the Flight Operations Director.

Controlled Airspace
Controlled airspace Airfield LOGO Niederöblarn
Approach Procedures - not for navigational use!

Approach Procedure LOGO 1

Approach procedure LOGO 1

Approach Procedure LOGO 2

Approach procedure LOGO 2
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