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Current Courses

We are on summer hiatus beginning in May – our autumn program gets underway in September.


Our Trainers

... Triin, Katalin, Sonja, Fred, Maggy & Jörg introduce themselves:

Triin Jahu

Triin Jahu

Latino Rhythms for Seniors


  • Bachelor's degree in forestry, Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Zumba instructor
  • Zumba kids+Zumba kids jr Instructor
  • Training as a fitness and health instructor, certificate from Sportunion Akademie
  • Training as a children's sports instructor, certificate from Sportunion Akademie
  • deepWork Basic
  • Basic training as an "Exercise for Seniors" instructor, certificate from Sportunion Akademie
  • deepWork Teaching by Elements
Julian De Martini

Julian De Martini

Jackpot, Running Meeting


>Dipl. Medical Personal Trainer

>Dipl. Back Trainer

>Dipl. Nutrition Trainer

>Dipl. Health and Fitness Trainer

>Dipl. Functional Trainer

Astrid Albrecht

Astrid Albrecht

Children's gymnastics


> 28 years as a kindergarten teacher
> Ski instructor, instructor and judge Schi Alpin
> Active board member and supervisor of the children in the ski club Gröbming
> Training for memory sports camps/games and training camps for children

Jasmine Stelzig

Indoor Cycling


  • Academic degree: Mag. phil.
  • Sports scientist and office assistant
  • Gymnastics instructor and fitness trainer at various fitness studios 
  • 2000-2013 actively involved with Gröb­ming and Nieder­­­öblarn Kneipp Societies
  • Strength programs, children's exercise, children's aerobics
  • Exercise for the spine, Pilates, step aerobics and mixed exercise sessions for the cardiovascular system & strength training)
  • Indoor-cycling instructor (Inline Akademie) since 2010
  • Extensive additional training in all sports areas!

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