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Pilot Information

Niederöblarn Airfield:

Since 01.01.2014, private airfields have also been required to implement and follow an airport security program. That said, all pilots at Alpine Flight Center Niederöblarn are obliged to comply with our airport security program.

All persons are required to wear a clearly visible photo ID. This is one of the important regulations in our airport security program and is therefore strictly controlled at Airfield LOGO.

We ask you to always complying with our airport security program. Further information can be found in our downloadable form:

Airport Security Program

Customs Form

Airfield LOGO

  • Coordinates: N 47 28.7 | E 014 00.5
  • Airfield Elevation: 2,140 ft, 653 m
  • Frequency: 122,705 MHz
  • Runways: 04 und 22; 2 t AUW
  • Runway Length: 730 m
  • Runway Width: 30 m
  • Important: In a NW wind, takeoffs and landings are likely to involve strong turbulence, downdrafts and gusty crosswinds!!

Airfield Logo, Niederöblarn Airfield


  • Hours of operation 
  • Contact
  • Contact persons
  • Self-briefing room
  • Hangar
  • Controlled airspace
Motorized Aviation Airfield LOGO

Motorized Aviation

  • General
  • Runways
  • Approaches and takeoffs
  • Parking and refueling
  • Winter operations
  • Fuel and oil
Glider Niederöblarn Airfield

Glider Operations

  • General
  • Route to take-off point
  • Transport vehicle
  • Aircraft positioning 04
  • Aircraft positioning runway
  • Takeoff and landing times
  • Approach procedures
  • Outlanding
Correct ground behavior, Airfield LOGO

Correct Ground Behavior

  • What viewers should be aware of
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Private cars
  • Trailers


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