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Appropriate Behavior on the Ground

What things should spectators at LOGO Airfield in Niederöblarn be aware of? What should you do if you are accompanied by children or dogs? Where can you park? Where should you leave trailers?

  • Spectators are only permitted in publicly accessible areas (such as the terrace in front of the restaurant.
  • If spectators are taken onto the apron by authorized persons, they must first be familiarized with the hazards associated with aviation.
  • Children must be held by the hand.
  • In general, dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Private cars must be left in the designated airfield parking areas. Aircraft may only be transported using one of the flight school's own vehicles.
  • No vehicles may be parked in the area of the heliport (ÖAMTC) or in front of the west hangar door. In exceptional cases, the operations director may permit private vehicles to drive onto the taxi areas.
  • Gliders brought in by trailer are prepared for flight in designated areas in front of the hangar (trailers must be removed immediately and parked on the south or west side of the hangar, or west of the refueling station).
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