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Airfield LOGO in Niederöblarn

Gliding in Niederöblarn:

Our LOGO airfield was constructed in the 1970s: With an originally 500, and later 738 m long concrete runway 04 / 22, excellent taxiways and a big hangar, it offers everything you need in order to learn how to fly at Alpine Flight School Niederöblarn.

Over time, a multifaceted sports and recreation center grew, providing the perfect symbiosis of aviation and sporting activities.

Alpine Flight School Niederöblarn offers everything gliders could wish for here in Niederöblarn: well organized flight operations, spacious facilities and – depending on the season – excellent thermals or solid waves. The wide variety of sporting and recreational offers also predestines the LOGO airfield for holiday travel with the whole family. [Excerpts from the press article in Aero-Kurier]

Learn to fly a glider
Learn to fly a glider

Learning to fly made easy!

In just three weeks, at Sportsarea Grimming - Alpine Flight School Niederöblarn, you will learn to fly a glider and then be able to pilot your own aircraft.

Thanks to the thermals that are so important for gliding, and by exploiting the updrafts of mountainsides, you will be able to glide effortlessly from one summit to the next. All of this at an extremely attractive price.

Let wings carry you through the air
Let wings carry you through the air

Give wings to your life!

Even if you are as young as 15, you will be able to participate in glider training and learn to fly.

If you would prefer some real "power" under your engine cowl, you can learn how to fly a motorized aircraft and begin your career as a pilot.

If you are one of those people for whom it can never be spectacular enough, you also have the opportunity to participate in some aerial "gymnastics" aboard a glider, experiencing an exhilarating series of aerobatic maneuvers "up close and personal".

Selfie in a glider
Selfie in a glider

Stress-free from a bird's eye perspective

Want to experience nature from a bird's eye perspective? No problem!

Treat yourself to trial sightseeing flights – we will show you the most beautiful places in Austria! Whether exploiting the thermals in a glider or on board a powered glider to the Dachstein,  Salzkammer­gut, Xeis or another destination, you can find out with these flights, whether you are predestinated to learn to fly:

The choice is yours.

Hours of Operation – Airfield LOGO Niederöblarn

Always PPR, Operations Manager Tel.: +43 664 606 133 52

The following times are useful as a point of reference:
January & February: 8 AM to 5 PM
March to September: 8 AM – ECET or 9 PM
October: 8 AM to 6 PM
November & December: 8 AM to 4 PM

Please be aware of our lunch break:
01 March to 31 October (CEST), from 1 PM to 2 PM local time no takeoffs are possible!
(also no TOUCH & GO´s | Landing possible at any time!)

Weather & Webcam LOGO Airfield 

Webcam Airfield Niederöblarn:

Weather data for the LOGO WebCam comes directly from the airfield and is updated continuously.

Please note that this is unchecked raw data.

Date   Date: 16.06.24
Time   Time: 12:10 METZ
Temperature   Temperature: 17 °C
Humidity   Humidity: 72 %
Wind strength   Wind strength: 11.3 kt
Wind direction   Wind direction: 200 °
Barometer trend   Barometer trend: Falling Slowly
QNH   QNH: 1006.2 hPa
Rain   Rain: 4.3 mm
Dew point   Dew point: 11.9 °C

Webcam Niederöblarn

Webcam Niederöblarn Airfield
Webcam Niederöblarn Airfield

Webcam Grimming

Webcam Grimming
Webcam Grimming
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